A Successful First Quarter for Nanwalek School!!!!

We have had an engaging, active quarter of learning for all members of our learning community with the implementation of 1:1 iPads! A big thank you to parents! Our attendance has significantly increased over last school year!

Some memorable events this quarter included President Obama giving Nanwalek School a shout-out during his Kotzebue speech! Our student rollout celebration in August was incredible! This quarter, we also started a middle school basketball program, thanks to Coach Doering and Auggie! Teachers received five days of professional development to learn to use our new technology for increased learning in their classrooms! Mrs. Kleine was invited to speak at the National Indian Education Association conference, and she enjoyed sharing the Nanwalek experience with other educators! And Chugach Corporation provided a job fair with many vendors right here in our very own school.

Our students are the sunshine of our lives! They are the apples of our eyes! We love partnering with our students and their families!!!

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